About Us AtopGames

Atop Games is a platform that offers a collection of preinstalled video games, available for free download through multiple links. We ensure that all games are sourced directly from their original releases, presented exactly as they were provided (no changes). Our games are sourced from reputable platforms such as cs.rin.ru, Fitgirl, Dodi, KaosKrew, Xatab, ElAmigos, and others listed in the megathread on r/PiratedGames or CS.RIN. Each game file is provided in a archive (.rar) format without any compression, maintaining the integrity of the original content. We do not engage in cracking games; instead, we curate content that is readily accessible on the internet. We give full credit to the original creators for their releases.

We highly value and encourage users, especially those who are financially able, to purchase games. This not only shows respect for the hard work of the original creators but also provides essential support for their ongoing efforts. We emphasize this message in every post, emphasizing the significance of supporting game developers by making legitimate purchases. Your support plays a crucial role in sustaining the gaming industry and nurturing the creative talents behind these games.

We are constantly working to expand our game collection, adding new titles to the site regularly and ensuring that existing ones are up-to-date. We welcome your suggestions and feedback, which you can share with us either on our Discord server or by leaving comments on the website. Your input is valuable and helps us enhance the gaming experience for everyone.

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