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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Free Download (v1.1.1 + Ryujinx/YUZU)

Pokémon Legends: Arceus Free Download PC Game pre-installed on with direct download links (DDL). Pokémon Legends: Arceus was released on January 28, 2022.

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About The Game

Pokémon Legends: Arceus presents an action role-playing experience that upholds the fundamental gameplay elements of its predecessors in the mainline series. Players enjoy the freedom to explore the expansive game map, comprising five distinct areas, each characterized by unique biomes. Upon entering these areas, players spawn in camps, offering the convenience of fast travel between other camps within the same region. Beyond traversing on foot, players have the ability to unlock rideable Pokémon, facilitating faster travel, swimming across bodies of water, climbing cliffs, and even flying.

Throughout these diverse landscapes, Pokémon freely roam, each species inhabiting specific habitats and engaging with both players and their surroundings. Some Pokémon actively avoid players, while others display aggressive behavior, with some showcasing distinct patterns of interaction. Notably, certain areas feature “Alpha” Pokémon – larger, more formidable versions of their counterparts.

The game’s utilization of multiple areas and a hub system, as opposed to a fully open-world format, has led reviewers to draw comparisons with the Monster Hunter series. Additionally, parallels have been drawn between Pokémon Legends: Arceus and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, citing similarities in gameplay mechanics and art style. This unique blend of exploration, interaction with Pokémon, and a hub-based structure contributes to the distinctive experience offered by Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

If you’re facing issues with this preinstalled Pokémon Legends: Arceus game, please refer to the FAQ page or the Readme.txt file included in the game files for troubleshooting guidance. In case you missed it, check our previous preinstalled game “Arma Reforger” for free download with multiple links.

Game Details:

  • Genre: Action, Role-Playing ,RPG
  • Developer: Game Freak
  • Platform: PC
  • Game Size: 2.9 GB
  • Repack by: Masquerade
  • Version: v1.1.1
  • Game Type: Pre-installed

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows XP with service pack 3, Windows Vista, or 7.
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz Or equivalent AMD Athlon 64 x2.
  • Memory: 2 GB.
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant card 128MB RAM
  • HDD: 2 GB of free drive space.

Download Links:

Gofile 1Fichier



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